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  1. Design Zone ( 151 posts)

    Design is an English word that pronounces [pron. di-zain] and which means project, drawing (conception), outline (conception). The use of the term in the field of free drawing (art) is forced and therefore not recommended.

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  2. Thematic discussions and socialization ( 2 posts)

    Discussions between community members about topics that do not fit in other sections, questionnaires, various curiosities, and daily news.

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  3. Multimedia, Gaming & Technology ( 59 posts)

    News, game tutorials, games and discussions about various issues appearing on a dedicated server or any other type of game; the latest songs, anime, movies and serials; tutorials, news, and more about IT.

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  4. Virtual Shop ( 0 posts)

    An online store, shop online or shop (e-shop) is an e-commerce website for the sale of goods and services.

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