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  1. HG - Administration & Development

    1. Administrative ( 11 posts)

      News related to the forum, its projects and the community-owned servers; forum-related proposals; questions / issues related to your forum / server / account; and tutorials to make navigation easier on this forum.

      1. Administrative ads
      1. Proposals
    2. User Area ( 198 posts)

      Information about warnings & bans given, useful guides and tutorials, complaints to staff members and interactive contests organized by members of the Administration!

      1. Introduce yourself
      1. Apply for rank
    3. Community Development ( 9 posts)

      This category is dedicated to community-centric servers. A category based on the development and maintenance of the community. Here you will find all the information required for affiliation of a server, for changes made during the partnership with new and various offers for your players.

      1. DNS Request
      1. Offers admin
      1. forum management
      1. Technical support
  2. HG - Online

    1. Cs 1.6 - Servere Officiale ( 11 posts)

      Totalitatea serverelor afiliate comunității, aparținând jocului Counter-Strike 1.6, vor fi listate în această categorie, de asemenea, acestea sunt considerate, serverele oficiale ale comunități


      1. Classic » ESL
    2. SA:MP - Servere Official ( 1,357 posts)

      The totality of community-related servers belonging to the SAMP game will be listed in this category as well, they are considered to be the official community servers

      1. RPG: HGame.RO
  3. WEB & IT

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    1. Resources for development ( 0 posts)

      Here you can find general resources for your website.

      1. Scripts
      1. Index
      1. Userpanels SA: MP
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    2. Source Codes & Scripts ( 0 posts)

      Developers corner: C / C ++, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, Shell scripting, Perl, Python.

      1. PHP / CSS / Javascript
      1. C/C++/C#
      1. Visual Basic & .NET
      1. Shell scripting
      1. Python
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    1. Design Zone ( 151 posts)

      Design is an English word that pronounces [pron. di-zain] and which means project, drawing (conception), outline (conception). The use of the term in the field of free drawing (art) is forced and therefore not recommended.

      1. Apply for rank
      1. Information
      1. Requests
      1. Assistance
      1. Portfolios
      1. Gifts
      1. Competitions
    2. Thematic discussions and socialization ( 2 posts)

      Discussions between community members about topics that do not fit in other sections, questionnaires, various curiosities, and daily news.

      1. Forum games
      1. Did you know that ?
      1. Sport
      1. Auto & moto
    3. Multimedia, Gaming & Technology ( 59 posts)

      News, game tutorials, games and discussions about various issues appearing on a dedicated server or any other type of game; the latest songs, anime, movies and serials; tutorials, news, and more about IT.

      1. Gaming
      1. Multimedia
      1. Technology
    4. Virtual Shop ( 0 posts)

      An online store, shop online or shop (e-shop) is an e-commerce website for the sale of goods and services.

      1. Buy
      1. Trade
      1. Sell
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  • Tema se afla in versiunea beta ( 1.0.0 ), orice probleme pot fi raportate userului Sn!k3rs sau in ACEST TOPIC